Research: Jeff Woodbury

Atlas, 2008

Materials: Graphite on five layered sheets of vellum, backlit


  • “For this project, Jeff has traced an entire U.S. road atlas onto vellum.”
  • lines of what’s inferred to be of geographical nature, appear as veins – HUMAN ACTIVITY
  • movement/progression conveyed by different levels of sharpness, tone intensity and value – creates DEPTH
  • almost resembling the neuronal networking of the brain
  • has areas of higher density – where more lines meet
  • this could be relevant within my own practice because similarly to Calame’s work there is this contradiction between PRESENCE and ABSENCE of DEPTH
    • multi-dimensionality and flexibility of the brain’s cognitive processes – including; memory, recall, imagination etc.
  • the resulting image is paradoxically both a micro and macro image/map
    • again linking back to the notion of MULIT-DIMENSIONALITY of the brain
  • various layers not only allowing extra detail but also various points of view
    • Simultaneous actions of the brain that need to be considered: interchanging, dynamic, active, moving, working, analysing, focusing, stepping back, repetition, observing, waiting, shifting, connecting, disconnecting


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