As mentioned in the previous blog post, the conversation I had with Emma Hunter has helped me to see my work in a fresher and more refined way. Narrowing down the expanse objectives I had for my work last term; speaking to her helped me see that like the body, the mind is also like a fluid matter. Something very inherent and intimate. Something that is continously driven by energy, is energy and provides energy to our being.

Waves demonstrate the matter’s palpability and physicality, whilst at the same time juxtaposing that with the sense of flux and ephemerality. This clicked with my concepts right away and I was inspired to go back to my studio immediately and explore this idea; first by investigating water movement and its general properties, through photography.

Solve et Coagula 5

Reasons for choosing work:

  • fluidity
  • sense of void within the negative space
  • minimal composition
  • dynamics
  • a study of space and time

Besides the concepts that her work inspired and refined within my own, I need to highlight the important influence that her formal visual elements had on my work. Here I am relating to the composition and her mark-making techniques in particular.


Minimal and focused on the subject matter of water dynamics, at its centre. Something I would like to try personally, and it’s good to see this done by another artist. Although I think my work will blend a bit more outwards to show the very close relationship of the subject matter with its surroundings, and there will be elements visible in the outskirts of the original and primal focus point.


I won’t go into the techniques she uses to produce her cyanotypes, but rather the mark-making which has physical and ephereal properties. They are gentle and represent real closeness and intimacy with the work – which the viewer can also get a sense of!

Considering the context of the origin of these studies I am not surprised that the intimacy is this palpable!

It comes to show this kind of mark-making can be used to convey both dynamic and intimate and more gentle aspects of experience, which in the past I found difficult to convey.

I freezes this dynamic movement and disects its time and space – it shows that the movement is there, but at this time and place it was stopped in order to gain a larger understanding of it. This still, can then be closely observed, examined and experienced, which is what increases our closeness to it, as we come to understand it better. Also increasing our intimacy with this micro-movement.

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