Note: Dustin Edward Arnold, Ullstein Bild and Isiah West Taber

Dustin Edward Arnold:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania: Dustin Edward Arnold

Reasons for choosing:

  • Movement – organic, traces behind, body, human existance, overlapping
  • Monochromatic
  • Generalised forms – along with the movement create an essence of the person, conveying their energy and living
  • Palpability and ephemereal at once

Ullstein Bild and Isaiah West Taber – Images of Loie Fuller:

bild 2
Loie Fuller by Ullstein Bild
Loie Fuller by Isiah West Taber

Reasons for choosing:

  • High contrast between tones
  • Fluid movements of Fuller’s dance captured perfectly by the aesthetic offered by black and white monochrome
  • Relationship and being within the space
  • Makes space visible to us
  • Shows the potential hidden in invisible space
  • Immersed with its surroundings – emerging from the darkness

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