SUSAN DERGES – further notes on fluidity

As recommended by Chris Cook I decided to look into Susan Derges’ work for more inspiration with regards to my work. The similarity he found between mine and her works was the cyanotype technique as well as the need for fluidity in our works; he mentioned that she created these cyanotypes which she made in the river; placing a piece of paper to document the river current and light bouncing off.

Derges, S., 2018. Interconnecting Water – Interalia Magazine. [online] Interalia Magazine. Available at: <; [Accessed 4 February 2020].

I found this article written by Derges herself that relates to what I have previously worked with and discussed in terms of fluidity.

  • “Her art comprises an ongoing enquiry into the relationship of the self to the observed.”
  • “It behaves like a separate living entity and yet is an integral part of us (75%) as much as we are embedded in it, along with all of creation, affecting the great hydrological cycle that feeds and sustains life on this planet”
  • “These qualities are living metaphors for the thing we intuit about ourselves – that we are not merely bodies but a streaming consciousness that is shared with all sentient life and behaves in similar ways to waters external gross forms”
    • images of fluidity and their dynamics as a living metaphor for what I would want to communicate, or even better for what I would want to experience myself, how can these living metaphors and images impact my own being and my emotions?
    • going back to the notes I’ve made at a curator’s tour at The Ruskin Library earlier in January – it’s about what drawing CAN do, and not what it IS
  • “Equally, we cannot thrive where we have lost the inner connection to our imaginative life and the ability to sense the living mystery of our liquid selves.”
    • making the connection between the mind and the body – the mind and its state of constant fluidity
Full Moon Hawthorn, refer to citation for reference

What this also made me realise is that everything I’ve been thinking of, in terms of aesthetics and movement within my image, all eventually comes down to water/fluids in all their shapes and forms, whether clouds, mists, fogs, streams etc.

Derges, S., 2014. Hermetica – Interalia Magazine. [online] Interalia Magazine. Available at: <; [Accessed 5 February 2020].

This video was so so interesting to watch, observe and learn from!

It essentially demonstrates how a mercury droplet reacts to different sound wavelenghts and amplitudes.

It shows how it behaves – sees it as a living entity.

Shows how it’s state is subject to its surroundings, and how it can change rapidly!

And it will not be the same ever again.

Produces very unique patterns.

Derges, S., 2015. Smoke – Interalia Magazine. [online] Interalia Magazine. Available at: <; [Accessed 5 February 2020].

  • very soft and yet dynamic movement – shows that I don’t need harsh lines to define stronger and more powerful movement

Annotation 2020-03-16 144038

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