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Further Reflections on Term i Work


Conversation with Hira (a Royal Drawing School alumini):

very static

terrifying because my block really comes though in the carefulness and preciousness of my process

need to loosen up

set myself a time of 1 or 3 hours and try to produce as many drawings in that time as possible – don’t think about anything else during that time and be prepared to make mistakes, because only by making these will i be able to tell what works and what does not – be able to point to surprising elements of the drawings that do work

15 works in 3 hours

it makes so much sense

don’t erase or brush off – let the marks be as they are on the page – if something’s not working – write it down and move on

learn from your mistakes and failures

get a massive wall-sized piece of paper – or even more to cover more of the wall – and just create marks on it – don’t over-think it

stop being so precious about putting down marks

have the confidence to stand up for the aspects of my work that DO work and which I do enjoy making

but also have the confidence to say that some works just don’t work

the marks i am making at the moment are too static – there is no actual palpable movement to them and the same feeling transfers to the experience of watching the work – which is very ironic considering all my work is about movement – to achieve this movement i need to stop being so precious with my marks and not worry about making mistakes – because these will inevitably happen – and I will learn from them and create better work from it

perhaps sometimes try to take myself out of the equation of the drawing process – not focus on the emotions but rather on the composition and visual elements of the drawing – I agree with this to some extent and it could be something i try out in the experiments but in the end i will want to incorporate emotion into them since all of them are very personal and intimate to me

Look at traditional paintings and artists – observe and learn from their composition techniques – they are the masters of directing the eye – drawing the eye into their compositions and into their spaces

Don’t rule out the use of colour in my work!


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