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Group Crit Notes

Big thanks to Núria for taking these notes down in the group crit!


– focus on memory but this time more personal

– identity built into a collective well of memory, knowledge that is being passed on

– collective memory from Diaspora context, growing an identity away from the context

– female focus.. portraiture and nature.. abstraction of form and shapes of memory…

– the plant dying and special, intimate, subtle, fragility , profound impact.

– future… going larger scale, lose control over mark-making



– m, sexual implications of the plant… with the female body

-k, more focused on a different kind of intimacy, more subtle… fragility and uncertainty of its life span

– m- it is hard to keep them alive… otherwise they dye. That fragility must be an intentional link

– liv— communication with mum and that is strong but then when you came back the idea was dying…. How does it link with your mum?

– k, idea of decay interesting… network being fragile and dying over time. want To depict the orchid death aesthetics? Like the creases..?

– liv, extremely fragile.. this uncertain dead no dead point

– k, my mum has her own tips on how to keep them alive…

– Mia, I really like the really smooth movement (water) along with really intricate details

– k, it was an experiment with oil anD, water, paint—— trying to see how it reacts. Cool depths. The patterns made reminded me of the orchids aesthetics too


– N ….

– k, torn in between using the alive one… my colour scheme kind of work for that… depressive


– H, excellent self reflection.. it’s common it happens and you have turned it into a positIve

– k, a shame I didn’t document when I was struggling with recall, sad about that because I realised that forgetting is also relevant.

– k, still not sure about what scale to do work on… small scale is also quite intimate


– N, in a small scale, intimacy and subtleness comes across better… but then again the “network” makes you think big scale….


– H, you should try both scales


– M, pale white orchids… what jumps out.. do both scales and use colours to draw it back to a specific memory.. bright fleshy colour to draw people. (???)



  • Birthright – choices [made by our ancestor, which have created the people we are today]
  • Control over mark-making – larger scale – drawing with extension stick and left/right hand
  • Georgia O’Keefe’s work – symbolism and intimacy
  • Delicacy of plants and nurturing – great comparison to human life
  • Death of the orchid – profound – find a way of expressing the intimacy of this – documenting the plant’s death
  • Scale – larger – power of work is subtle – small scale might be good

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