I recently read an essay by Sur in the Ways of Drawing book published by the Royal Drawing School and immediately needed to make some sort of a note of this artist, whose ideas I strongly identified with!

A snippet of the essay I found particularly inspiring and thought-provoking, source: Bell, J., 2019. Ways Of Drawing : Studio Space, Open Space, Inner Space. Thames & Hudson.



This has then led me on to reading a bit more about him and having my mind blown by how similar my ideas were to his, so I looked a bit into his work for clarification and a further development of my own ideas.


The Royal Drawing School. n.d. Dilip Sur | The Royal Drawing School. [online] Available at: <; [Accessed 13 March 2020].

‘His paintings capture a psychological state of human beings and the constant flux they undergo or the reverie the human mind is absorbed in. Sur’s recent work employs a literal vastness in the way space is unfolded and then released to extend meaning […] representing a vast phenomenon within a restrained language.’

  • and this was the first description of his work that I’ve read
  • psychological state of human beings
  • constant flux we undergo
  • the reverie that our human mind is absorbed in
    • mind as an internal landscape
    • from what it also seems is that the artist promotes tactics and techniques of implementing his teachings into practice, especially through the act of reverie developed and enhanced through the act of drawing
    • need to find more information about him in the future



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