A bit of self-reflection and notes for the future


  • Although I have only scratched the surface of the elongated format – this is something I would like to continue with in the future – as the brief time I was able to try it out (along with the massive wall piece), worked really well for my intentions, in my opinion – this will not only reflect the natural shape and movement of the plant, but also allow for a better emphasis on the water/fluid flow aspect of my drawings – it also can be seen as a doorway to some extent and I would really like the viewer to be able to look both up and down and see this drawing as part of their environment – it certainly felt like that when I was drawing
  • Don’t be afraid of compressed charcoal! Use it more often to develop stronger depth and density of the dark tones!
  • Need to make more rough composition drawings – like sculptors do to prepare and plan for their future sculptures (?)
  • Make smaller scale drawings more often – perhaps like quick 3 drawings before every studio session – keep them on your wall, like you have seen artists from the Royal Drawing School do – this will help to not only develop your skill and composition, but also help you keep on track and constantly evaluate your progress – curate this wall of drawings so that it is tailored to the needs of my practice at that particular time
  • created more distance with the background layers, so that it improves the effect of slowing down time more – and then on top of that I can erase and build up foreground layers which would be much closer to me and the viewer to further develop and distinguish that sense of immersive depth, slowly moving before our eyes
  • Need to spend more time on individual drawings, like I did in Y2T2; around 5 weeks after a period of rapid mark-making for a day or two
    • that’s how I found that I managed to develop most depth!


  • Try out water-soluble graphite!
  • During the Easter break try experimenting with alluminium panels behind your work – apparently that can intensify the depth of darker tones within the drawing (?)
  • Note on smaller scale drawings – refer to the above section for that

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