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I think throughout this Easter break period and what may bring beyond I would like to use this post space to keep record of all the things that inspire me, or I believe have some relevance to my thinking at the moment.


So to start off we have a quote by Franz Kafka (19.III.2020):

kafka quote

  • This just gave me strong imagery of people walking by each other, all within their own rooms or internal landcapes, one step in this physical realm and the other within their own concealed reality
  • Great to think about when considering the internal landscape and how everyone lives on the verge of both simultaneously – hence one feeds into the other and the image becomes distorted, making us unable to see objectively
  • This is how I see it (mock-up):

20.III.2020: I just found this:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania: Giuseppe Enrie art
Giuseppe Enrie, “Shroud of Turin”, 1931, gelatin silver print

30.III.2020: Border image from an online course I have just started:

  • layers and layers of lines and connections which build up a network
  • a larger accumulation of information which then finds a way to extend and communicate with other parts of the brain – reaching upwards
  • automatically creates depth
  • these lines almost seem like contour lines of a landscape – makes the inner landscape slightly more visual and comprehensive
  • itself almost looks like a familiar consept of a landscape that we have – trees reaching outwards and upwards, the ‘ground’ sculpted like waves or textures of the land, underneath which we have roots reaching downwards


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