untitled recollection of psychological time and identity

Wow! What a dramatic title, huh?! Well as part of applying for an open call I put together this description of one of my newer drawings, which you can see on my home page (but I won’t say which one, try to guess). Anyway I thought that it was quite dramatic, but could be a beginning of a new thought or poem forming, so it won’t hurt to put it here for the time being. Anyway, enjoy this entryway into a book…publication…drawing…?

The artwork follows the narrative of immigration along with its everlasting feelings of displacement and ‘otherness’ that prevail thereafter. The feeling that one is hopelessly stuck between two realms, that never meet. The artwork was formed from a laborous process of marking and erasing, tearing and putting back together, in an attempt to heal and resolve the ‘otherness’ complex, that has corrupted the artist’s life ever since her move across countries.

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